Terms & Conditions

Buying a ticket you accept the following “Terms and Conditions”:
1. You can purchase the ticket online on the website http://www.amigosballoon.com or via e-mail to fly@amigosballoon.com. You will receive the “Terms and Conditions” that you will have to accept and sign. The same applies for reservations by phone: the confirmation will be made by e-mail to fly@amigosballoon.com.
2. In case you wish to change the name of the ticket holder, you must inform us via e-mail to fly@amigosballoon.com The new ticket holder will have as well to accept and sign the “Terms and Conditions”. In any case, you have the right to exercise the withdrawal within 10 days of the ticket purchase if you haven’t booked your flight yet.
3. The ticket is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. During this period, you have to book your flight, failing which you shall lose the right to fly. The ticket includes the balloon ride and the transportation to the place arranged for the take-off and landing.
4. If the ticket holder arrives late to the place arranged for the take-off, he will lose the right to fly.
5. The flight will last about 50-70 minutes: in any event, it is at the discretion of the pilot to decide the flight duration and conditions. For safety reasons, to preserve the safety of the passengers, the flight duration can be reduced. The route cannot be predicted.
6. The flight can be cancelled just before the expected take-off for weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances (i.e. sickness of the pilot). The passengers’ safety is our first priority: as a result, we reserve the right to cancel any flight if we deem the minimum safety conditions are not met.
7. In case of cancelled flight for weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, the ticket holder will be entitled to choose another date. We will not reimburse any incidental expenses incurred (such as transportation costs to reach the take-off place, acomodation and meals) not to mention the ticket.
8. Tickets are not refundable unless you have purchased in advance the right of refund.
9. You can change your reservation up to five days before the flight: in case of non-fullfillment of this condition, you will lose the right to fly. To change the reservation you need to notify us by phone. The day before the flight, you have to contact us by phone to know whether the flight is confirmed or not according to the weather conditions.
10. The telephone number is (+971) 56 103 89 04 or the one of the pilot who is operating the flight.
We remind you that during the flight:
1. It is mandatory to arrive on time at the meeting point for the flight, failing to do so you will lose the right to fly.
2. When you purchase the ticket and before flying, you will be asked to carefully read the manual “Safety Instructions”.
3. You must always follow the crew instructions and pay attention to the ventilator and burner during the inflation procedure.
4. Smoking is forbidden from the inflation phase to the final phase of deflation.
5. The balloon ride can have some risks: we shall not be liable for any damage to the objects that you will carry with you on the balloon. The following people are forbidden to fly: pregnant women, people with leg injuries which will prevent them to adopt the safety position during landing (crouched), people with limited mental faculties, people suffering from heart problems or respiratory diseases. If you have any doubts regarding your health condition, consult your doctor before planning a balloon ride. Any health problem must be declared before purchasing the ticket. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are forbidden to fly. Dangerous items (such as explosives, fuels, weapons or ammunitions) are not permitted inside the balloon.
6. You need to comply with the dress code as per FAQ section of our wesbsite. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to forbid the flight to those passengers who will not be in compliance with the above-mentioned code. In particular, people wearing high heels will be forbidden to fly. We shall not be liable for any damage to the clothes worn by passengers.
7. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 120 cm. in height will not be allowed onboard; this is because they will not be able to enjoy the flight due to the wicker basket’s edges which will obstruct their view.
8. The pilot is the person in charge onboard and he represents the authority from the take-off to the landing. Before the flight, passengers will be briefed on the behavior onboard. The pilot has the right to stop the flight and ask to disembark to those people who will not respect the rules or may cause damage to the other passengers or to the pilot himself.
9. The Company Amigos Balloons LLC . reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms and Conditions without giving prior notification to the customers. By subscribing the following Terms and Conditions, you give the consent to the use of your personal data for administrative and accounting purposes.
10. By purchasing the ticket, you will be informed of your insurance coverage, as per the Montreal Convention of 28th May 1999, the Regulation (EC) 785/2005 of 21st April 2004 and the Council Regulation (EU) 285/2010 of 6th April 2010.
11. For any dispute, the Court of Dubai shall have jurisdiction.